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Can't access keeplinks.eu ? Is keeplinks.eu blocked on your computer or smartphone ? No problem, with this web proxy you may try to bypass keeplinks.eu blocks and unblock access to keeplinks.eu in few seconds. By using this service you agree to the terms of use.


Option 2: Change Default DNS Servers

Another good alternative method to unblock access to keeplinks.eu is to change the DNS servers in the network settings of your Internet connection. By default, the network settings are configured to use the DNS servers of your Internet Service Provider, this way it is easier for your ISP to block access to google.com and to other websites. However, you can change the DNS servers to circumvent these ISP restrictions, you can try public DNS services, such as Google Public DNS.

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Option 3: Purchase a VPN Service

If none of the previous methods worked and you can still not access keeplinks.eu, I would recommend you to purchase a monthly or yearly plan of HideMyAss VPN Pro, a fast and reliable VPN service, the best and fastest VPN provider on the market. With a VPN you can unblock any website without any problem, you can also anonymize applications that use Internet, such as P2P software, instant messengers, web browsers, and many others. A VPN service can also encrypt all your traffic and protect your online privacy, especially when you use unsecure Wi-Fi hotspots.

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